We’ve reinvented Inventory and Asset Management for Public Service

warehouse management system

It’s never been more cost-effective to make operations smoother, and the life of Public Servants easier.

TagworX is an innovative, new hybrid asset management and tracking system that uses barcodes, RFID or other smart tag technology so you know where all your assets or stock are at all times. It’s quick to install, easy to implement and can be used on any device, anywhere.

TagworX is not a cumbersome, old-school WMS.

We designed our system from the ground-up, with the latest innovations. It’s flexible enough to manage anything from a local evidence room to an entire hospital supply chain, and is easily scalable so it can adapt to your growing operations.

asset inventory management on Zebra readers

TagworX is ultra-secure.

We have specifically designed our systems with to ensure all sensitive data is protected to the highest levels.

Specially designed for the public sector to track any assets.







Benefit from both the power of barcodes and the superpowers of RFID 

In healthcare, TagworX RFID can be used to identify and validate groups of items, such as drugs and equipment on a crash-trolley, or equipment in the back of an ambulance.

TagworX RFID can be used to find specific items using our RFID Sniffer technology.

TagworX is ideal for managing mobile inventory such as tools or equipment being used across sites or warehouses.

TagworX RFID can instantly check for missing items, and flag those that are out of date or require calibration.

Still need more convincing?

Using TagworX will give you the following strategic benefits.

TagworX and Zebra are the perfect service for those in public service.


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