Easily manage your most important assets – people.

Need a more robust tracking system for personnel?

Want a full audit-trail showing when personnel pass through specific locations?

Facing difficulties in ensuring personnel accountability?

Looking for efficient ways to manage security and compliance?

Whether you’re a Security or Hospital ManagerOperations Director, HR Executives in government or large corporate, you understand the crucial importance of tracking and managing personnel.

Our cloud-based asset management solution, TagworX, is designed to:

Provide real-time visibility and tracking

Monitor each location by capacity to identify process bottlenecks

Streamline personnel management processes

Enhances security and operational accountability

It works simply and easily so your personnel are always monitored and safeguarded.

Each user wears a unique RFID/barcode bracelet – printed and encoded on site.

User is tracked automatically via fixed RFID stations

manually with a mobile reader.

All information is displayed in a simple dashboard that’s updated in real-time.

What makes TagworX so easy?

Efficient System Integration

TagworX seamlessly integrates with existing systems for immediate effectiveness.

Advanced Tracking Technology

TagworX utilises RFID and barcodes for accurate, real-time monitoring.

Enhanced Safety and Compliance

TagworX improves personnel management and security.

Monitor and safeguard your personnel and operations with TagworX.

Experience a new level of efficiency and security by joining our satisfied customers. Experience the TagworX advantage today.


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