Vehicle Preparation Solution

fast and easy.

Losing valuable equipment?

Facing compliance issues?

Need to improve improve efficiency between jobs in the field?

Whether you’re an Services Manager, Fleet Coordinator, or Logistics Supervisor in emergency response and healthcare services, you need better control of the assets in your vehicles.

Our cloud-based vehicle preparation solution, TagworX, is designed to:

Enhance vehicle preparation

Improve asset management and tracking

Ensure vehicles and equipment use is optimised

It works simply and easily so your vehicles are always prepared.

Each piece of equipment is fitted with an RFID tag.

An installed RFID reader can automatically detect and monitor all equipment present.

All information is displayed in a simple dashboard that’s updated in real-time.

What makes TagworX so easy?

Quick Setup for Immediate Impact

TagworX  makes fast deployment for rapid readiness a doddle.

Reliable RFID Integration

TagworX saves costs through accurate tracking and verification of valuable equipment.

Optimized Fleet Management

TagworX streamlines the readiness of vehicles and equipment, enhancing response effectiveness.

Elevate your capabilities with TagworX.

Ensure every vehicle is always prepared and equipped, ready to get the job done. Join our satisfied customers and experience the TagworX advantage today


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