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Managing operations can be stressful, slow and painful.

But they don’t have to be.​

We can help you enable RFID quickly and easily so you can turbocharge your operations and get complete control of your systems.

What is RFID?

RFID labels are used to automatically identify items and assets. Think of RFID as barcodes on steroids. These labels can either be read by a hand-held scanner (mobile RFID) or by installing overhead RFID readers and antennae (fixed RFID).

RFID used in warehouse

Why choose EasyRFID from TagworX?

EASYRFID can turbo-charge just about any business

Inventory Management

Personnel Tracking

Real Time Location

Vehicle Preparation

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TagworX has been designed to work seamlessly with these industry leaders

TagworX connects to the Bartender and NiceLabel Label Management Systems to access everything you need to transform labelling.

Zebra Technologies robust hardware is recommended for use with TagworX, Bartender and NiceLabel.


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