Optimize asset visibility – simply and smoothly.

Struggling to locate task-critical assets quickly?

Overwhelmed by the complexity of real-time tracking?

Finding it difficult to identify process bottlenecks?

Whether you’re responsible for quality assuranceasset management, or day-to-day operations, we can help you track the precise location of task-critical assets, to ensure the right assets are always in the right place at the right time.

Our cloud-based asset management solution, TagworX, is designed to:

Reduce delays and maximize output

Ensure precise real-time tracking of task-critical assets

Enhance production line accuracy and efficiency

TagworX makes it easy to track materials in real time through your production line.

Whether it’s at Site Level in any of your facilities,

or at Zone Level across your production line

or at Item Level in any room.

All information is displayed in a simple dashboard that’s updated in real-time.

What makes TagworX so easy?

Rapid Deployment and Customization

TagworX is quick to set up, easy to tailor to your specific needs.

Advanced RFID Technology

TagworX offers precise tracking and easy integration with existing systems.

Boost Productivity

TagworX enhances overall operational efficiency, streamlining your day-to-day processes.

Transform your  processes with Tagworx, the Real Time Location System for Material Flow Monitoring, Fixed Asset Management, and Returnable Items Tracking (including pallets, totes, tray, trolleys and more).

Join our satisfied customers and experience the TagworX advantage today


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