No stress,

when it comes to data security

Data security is a key concern for our clients in both the public and private sectors. Rest assured, your data will be in safe hands with our wide offering of security measures.


  • UK-based data centres 
  • AWS multi-AZ enabled (eu-west 2b, eu-west-2c) 
  • AWS EC2 with load balancer for service redundancy with built in auto-scale 
  • AWS Route 53 to manage DNS 
  • AWS WAF firewalls 
  • AWS Lambda for serverless events 
  • AWS KMS for key management 
  • AWS CloudTrail to monitor unusual API activity 
  • Separate AWS accounts for DEV, TEST, PROD with Multi-Factor Authentication 


  • Multi-factor authentication
  • System timeout
  • Data secured at rest and in transit
  • Role-based system Access


  • Fully-managed Mongo DB atlas databases
  • Separate accounts for DEV, TEST, PROD with MFA
  • AWS, London (eu-west-2)
  • 3 data bearing server cluster
  • Continuous, encrypted cloud backup
  • Encryption keys managed via AWS KMS


We can customise TagworX security levels or protocols to suit your needs. Drop us a line and we can show you the sorts of things we have done for other clients and what we can do for you.

TagworX, NiceLabel and Zebra offer inventory and asset management, barcode and RFID scanning, alongside the ability to use thousands of ready-made label designs that can be customised if required.

TagworX provides an agile, fluid, user-friendly and holistic approach to mobilising inventory management and label printing – wherever that may be.


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