Secure. Scalable. Automated.

worX Software is a set of applications which helps our customers run their businesses more efficiently. We specialise in automating processes which involve the interaction of websites and mobile apps.


TagworX utilises Barcodes and RFID technologies to uniquely identify items for Inventory and Asset Management applications.


LabworX is used to automate Covid-19 test processes. It can be used for a variety of applications to make labs, test clinics and other healthcare facilities more efficient.


Safety first! All worX applications are based on the same secure platform. We employ techniques such as multi-factor user authentication, automatically monitor all user login activity for suspicious behaviour and securely store data in your local country to make sure your information is kept safe.


worX applications utilise the latest in cloud computing design to make sure that our application can grow with your business, and cope with whatever demand you can throw at it. 


This is where is gets interesting – we’re experts in helping make your processes as slick as can be. We can use barcodes and RFID technologies and link them to mobile apps, machine learning and artificial intelligence to help streamline almost any process.