TagworX RFID Inventory & Asset Management

Inventory & Asset Management

TagworX utilises Barcodes and RFID to uniquely identify items for Inventory and Asset Management applications.

The TagworX portal securely keeps track of every movement of goods into and out of locations, so you always know where something is. TagworX keeps a running history of each item so you track stock over time. You can also set up stock alert rules to make sure stores are always stocked to fulfil customer orders.

TagworX is designed to integrate with third party systems, so if you’d like to read your orders from Sage, or update your stock in Xero, or any other system, we can plug these in quickly and securely.

The TagworX app runs on Android and iOS devices. For high-volume applications in a warehouse (such as Goods In, Picking, Packing and Goods Out), we can make use of the laser scanners built into rugged devices from manufactures such as Zebra and Honeywell.

Best of all, TagworX is infinitely customisable. Let us know your requirements and we’ll come up with a smart, cost-effective solution to get you up and running in no time.


Zebra RFD8500

TagworX RFID can read large numbers of tags instantly, perfect for a variety of stock-take applications.

In Healthcare, TagworX RFID can be used to identify and validate groups of items, such as drugs and equipment on a crash-trolley, or the group of equipment in the back of an ambulance. TagworX RFID can instantly check for missing items, and flag those that are out of date or that require calibration. TagworX RFID can also be used to find specific items using our RFID Sniffer technology.

We’ve partnered with Zebra to connect the RFD8500 to TagworX, which unlocks a host of exciting applications to drive down cost and increase efficiency and safety across Retail, Transport and Healthcare businesses.

TagworX RFID can be quickly updated to suit any mobile RFID application, so get in touch to discuss your requirements.